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On the Successful Women Podcast Show, Gill Donnell, author, speaker & personal development expert, interviews successful women who reveal the secrets of their success; how they have overcome challenges and grabbed at opportunities to accomplish their goals. Each episode will give tips and advice that you can take away and implement in your own life, including how to overcome the Impostor Syndrome and how to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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Feb 12, 2021

Shanna Truffini is our 100th guest on the show.

When her daughter Anna was only 7 years old, she was diagnosed with 'anticipatory anxiety'. In her effort to help her daughter, she tried everything from therapy to homeopathic remedies, but she still could not get to the root of her daughter's emotions. It wasn't until one day a friend of hers compared stress and anxiety to 'watering your weeds'.

This is when she realised that Anna was 'watering her weeds' instead of 'watering her flowers', focusing on the negative feelings and thoughts instead of the positive. This is how the You Are a Gardener® seeds were planted.

Creating a new narrative and tools for her family to talk about their feelings and emotions, opened the lines of communication and gradually Anna was able to spend more time 'pulling her weeds' to make more room for her flowers".

What started out as a book for her family has now flourished into an entire platform dedicated to helping families and educators encourage the social and emotional well-being of young children. "Plant your seeds, pull your weeds and enjoy the flowers along the way. You are a gardener. "

Since You Are a Gardener® was published in 2017, several new social and emotional learning (SEL) programs have since blossomed to empower kids, families and educators with tools so their gardens can grow healthy and strong!

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